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Name:Guy Makara
Birthdate:Jan 10
Location:Portsmouth, South Carolina, United States of America

Before he was born, Guy's family were poorer than dirt, but they were happy, living in the middle of Cite Soleil, the most densely populated slum in Haiti. When he was three, he lost his mother to illness that it was rumored was caused by the Lwa, the spirits and deities of his culture. Stricken by grief, the Makara patriarch took his sons far, far from the island, and began to work tirelessly to curry the favor of those very same Lwa, and through his hard work, diligence and occasionally incredibly shady dealings, including the trading of innocent souls, he built his empire.

The Makaras are shrouded in shadows, smoke and darkness. The rumor around Portsmouth is that they are regular practitioners of Voodoo, and they will never refute it, as there is no lie there. It is said they willingly shed blood to keep their place, but that is a little less founded. There are many misunderstandings about their practices, and one is the prevalence of blood and sacrifice of life in their offerings. More often than not, though, the Lwa they traffic with are more the types to enjoy a cigar, a glass of rum, and quick wordplay. The Voudon loa are intimidating, but enjoyable company. Far be it from the family to force their beliefs on others, though, and they will never denounce science and reason. After all, why deny what is real? So their faith is layered over the top of scientific advancements and the acknowledgment thereof. Guy traffics in ghosts that linger near him, offering advice and assistance where needed.

Guy is a lonely boy, and in the eyes of society, abused by his father, though if asked, he will simply shrug it off as "the way things do in this family." He adores his brother in spite of acknowledging his dark doings. Where his father is the conduit for Baron Samedi and his brother is pure shadow, Guy himself is a soft beacon, a light in the middle of the miasma surrounding the Makaras' jungle-like property. He adored his mother right up until her death in spite of losing her very young, and he holds onto her memory for protection. The name that she gave him is kept cloistered close to his heart, and only told to those he feels he can trust. Otherwise, he simply goes by Guy.

Guy rides a longboard decorated in the vibrant, colorful vestiges of Haitian Voudou, with the symbols of Samedi, Papa Legba, Ogoun and Damballah arranged along its length. His body is tattooed with the serpent Damballah as well, along his chest, right shoulder and back.

His face is Cykeem White, and his voice is Stromae, with a thick Creole accent and a bad habit of slipping into Kreyole or occasionally even French every so often. It's not uncommon for peoples' eyes to glaze over when he speaks to them at length.

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